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Golden Handcuffs

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Nov 9, 2012 1:33 am

Hello fellow advisors/hopefully attorneys,

I'll cut to the chase. I realize similar posts have been up here, but I want some specific advice for my situation. I am currently in the Edward Jones PASS training program so I am within less than a year of being hired. I want to leave Jones for a better opportunity that has come up. It is not competitive, but I know that EDJ has made people repay the 100K in training costs in the past for quitting withing 3 years. I don't remember signing something about this, so maybe I won't until I enter the field. Two questions... Are PASS trainees under different circumstances than traditional hires when it comes to this training refund? and...If I get myself fired, does it matter how? Because I can just stop working and they will fire me for sure for not hitting any numbers. I just don't know if being blatant about it will make them still come after me. Thanks for the feedback.