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Go for Arbitration or Not? Please help

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Jan 3, 2012 4:09 pm

My U5 shows a termination and a negative comment from my last job (I am currently working for another firm and they know about my previous U5 disclosure).

Since there is no "Yes" answer on my U-5, nothing related to my termination shows up on Broker Check.

I was thinking about going the arbitration route to expunge the information on U5 (I am worried that this negative U5 comment will hinder my employment chances in future for other jobs I apply for).

But, if I file arbitration then the whole issue becomes public on FINRA Arbitrations Online website.

I wanted to check for opinion on whether it makes sense for me to go the arbitration route because:

1) Through arbitration, I will make the matter open to the whole world (Finra Arbitrations Online) instead of just being limited to recruiting firms.

2) Even if I get expungement, the whole issue will be reported on FINRA arbitrations online, so I will have to give the explanations anyways.

3) If I work for non-securities related firm or outside of this country, I don't have to worry about this comment, but if I go through arbitration then this issue is available for all the companies throughout the world to view.

What do the experts here think? Should I go for arbitration (lawyer says I have 50/50 chances of winning) or not?

I appreciate all/any responses.