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Jan 28, 2015 5:42 pm

I work for a major bank brokerage and have 30 years’ experience.  My bank, and I'm sure the others, instruct us to only work with the "affluent" prospects.  Although they claim to put the "clients" first in all we do they are only interested in the bottom line and in my opinion could care less about the clients. They tell us to refer clients to a toll free number for investments under 50k and talk to a marginally educated clerk that can only recommend a mutual fund and not advise on all the other financial services someone skilled could provide. This leads to a profitable firm but with 98% of the population unserved in their financial necessities.  We are making the rich richer and the less fortunate hopelessly stuck and undereducated and subject to the unscrupled advisors who come knocking on their door or pitch products in their church taking advantage of their lack of knowledge.  I see this every day and am tired of it.  The schools do not teach the kids what they need to know to make the proper real life financial decisions.  The statistics show most of the US population is not prepared to retire in the way they envisioned.  How many homebuyers believed the banks and took the loans they couldn’t afford to repay?   I am setting up a nonprofit that will put speakers in the schools and free financial guidance to the 95% of Americans that are ignored by the Financial Services firms and banks.  I am starting in south Florida with plans on expanding up the coast.  I need a legal firm, preferably specializing in securities law, to assist in all legal matters.  Eventually, I also will need paid Financial Advisors and retired volunteer advisors, public speakers and fund raisers. Please private message me with your interest and how you can help contribute to the success of this venture.