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WOW Weekend With Quite Shaky Market

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Jan 8, 2016 1:08 pm

After a big crash, the indian market close their last trading session of week with quite shaky green numbers with the major market index picked up healthy gain after helped by some gains in Chinese markets and Crude Oil futures.

On Thursday, the Sensex had slip nearly 555 points to close at 24,852, while the Nifty had settled at 7,568.30, down 172.70 points.But on Friday the market comeback with smart recovery as the Sensex closed at 24,934.33, up 82 points, while Nifty  closed at 7,601.35, up 33 points.

Yesterday’s Nifty dropped dangerously close to its major support of 7,500 That means the first support on Monday will come near previous close of 7,568 and near 7,550 with resistance near 7,600 and after that, near 7,643.