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Writing policies for ITIN holders

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Mar 4, 2018 11:20 pm

I have an acquantenance, recently released by MassMutual, for compliance isues related to writing policies for people with an ITIN, not a SSN. Has anyone else heard of this problem? I don't know the truth to this because I am an outsider right now, thinking about becoming a career changer. He told me, when filling out the paperwork, that when putting in an ITIN number instead of SSN, the paperwork gives only one option for checking residency, meaning checking US Resident. ITIN holders are not US Residents so checking the box is lying but there isn't any other options to check.

As an outsider, I am trying to understand this before making a decision on whether or not to align myself with this person and Guardian, or if I should stick to becoming a DBA with MassMutual. Any help, pointers, suggestions, idea's would be apprciated.