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LTC - Impoverishing spouse

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Jul 25, 2009 3:44 pm

[quote=gvf]LTCi shouldn’t be about covering ALL the costs of LTC (if it was, nobody would ever buy it–as you’ve noticed, it gets prohibitively expensive). 

Try running quotes at $100-150 a day w/ a compound adjustment, and monthly benefits.  Lifetime policies have nearly been priced out of many of my clients tolerance levels (as opposed to a few years ago).  I run 3-5 year policies for all new clients. 

Just had my 2nd client start receiving benefits yesterday.  After the 1rst one had a stroke and started collecting due to mental impairment (while living at home), I became a big advocate.  Now, after the 2nd one…I’m a fanatic about it. 


It’s good for them that you were there to have those tough conversations with them.  You are going to sell a TON of LTC going forward.  Your passion on the subject will show through to your prospects.