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Health insurance

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Apr 12, 2009 10:54 pm

I run into quite a few prospects and even clients whose No. 1 need is health insurance. For example, 62-year-old man wants to retire but will lose his company health insurance and is not yet qualified for Medicare.
How do you advise in such situations? Maybe find an independant health insurance agent who doesn’t do investments and steer them that way?

Apr 12, 2009 11:25 pm

You got it…Find a Blue Cross Indy and do some cross referrals. This is what I do and it works great.

Whatever you do, do not get into the Health Insurance business. It is an instant way to pee-off your clients. Too many rate increases and taking calls about lack of coverage doesn't appeal to me. Just send them to someone that turn.....send someone to you. Tell your clients that you know this guy/gal and you think they do a good job. I leave it at that.
Apr 13, 2009 1:43 am

When you refer your client to someone, remind them that there are NO SPECIAL DEALS in health insurance.

  It is truly a commodity and it is what it is.
Sep 28, 2019 6:25 am

Look for the reliable insurance agent who can connect you to a reputed health insurance company as per your eligibility and requirement for low cost with more benefits.

May 31, 2022 9:41 pm

Types of Health Insurance:

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) Point-of-Service Plan (POS) Catastrophic Plan. High-Deductible Health Plan With or Without a Health Savings Account.

Jul 27, 2022 8:31 am

I faced the same situation a few years back and I approached a company that is a specialist in health insurance. I would suggest you try this.

iLeads – 27 Jan 22 Health Insurance Leads - iLeads


Oct 2, 2023 7:58 am

Absolutely, consider establishing connections with a Blue Cross Indy for mutual referrals. This approach has proven highly effective in my experience.

I’d strongly advise against entering the Health Insurance industry. It tends to frustrate clients with frequent rate hikes and coverage gaps. Instead, direct them to a specialist who can address their needs. In return, they may refer clients back to you. Simply let your clients know about this reliable professional and leave it at that.