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​​What are the possible investment options for a billion dollar portfolio?

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Dec 1, 2016 8:46 pm

​​What are the possible investment options for a billion dollar portfolio held by a Middle Eastern family whose initial plan is to keep the funds in a bank until they require use of it; possibly 10 years later?​​Assuming i can persuade them to invest it so that at the end of 10 years they can sell off their shares/business for​​ a profit, what kind of investment options are apt for this volume of funds and which Investment Funds Manager/companies are in a position to better handle the portfolio. There is no restriction to location of investment or type of investment though Hospitality/Leisure or Energy​/Oil​ Industries top their preference. ​A management fee is attached to this portfolio or the option of equity stake in the successful project that the investment funds manager will oversee from design, groundbreaking, commissioning and operations.​ I am hopeful i will be pointed in the right direction to secure the services of competent investment fund managers. I am open to private discussions via my email [email protected] as well as discussions on this forum.