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As well as a few minutes

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Jun 16, 2012 1:46 am

Mourinho, Jerseys from china,like Deco, Linyi, Carvalho such a player is bound to the Yankees eyeing Porto want to stay? Too hard.

This is not about the money, may the care of those at the end of the career of the player will not be able to make more money, but like the Linyi and Decaux such, the rise of the players, they have to consider first is a great honor obviously no such competitive Porto.

Porto in Portugal is a super club, but with five league giants Porto still seemed too shabby. Even if it is a contrast to the middle reaches of the five major league team; Porto no advantage, competitive environment and attention, Portugal in a backward position.

Premier League and Portugal would you choose to look at what? Estimated Porto diehard fans, will choose the former, this is the reality gap.

Even if tied up large amounts of compensation, Da Costa last left, it is impossible too. This is the difference between Pu-and five-League.

"Nobody knows the dragon stadium a few months later, is not also so crazy, maybe this is God to the fans to stay a memorable

Also raised his glass to pay tribute Mendes, looked at the players running through the large picture window. A few months later, who could remain here? Estimated that even God can not answer this question, Mendes at the moment can only wish Porto these guys good luck.

This is a beautiful game, but Mendes has been able to smell the taste of parting, but many people are immersed in the game at a loss without being aware of.

"I hope they can go further, Cheap Nike jerseys,left the most brilliant figure in the parting before, perhaps they can leave this city 08 Shan mid-books sun teased the mouth Qi I

Those fans enjoy the game of dragon court, not in the mood to think about these things, this cut they just want the wanton cry cheering.

Porto in February, the night the weather or some cold sea breeze of the Atlantic can not Mediterranean so gentle, always reveals the point of biting.

But now those crazy Porto fans. Most see themselves wearing home jerseys pulled down, clutched in the hands of non-stop waving.

Those crazy Portuguese men who were generous to bare the pure man of stature, of course, confined to their strong upper body.

Occasionally there are two excited pure man too far. Also play a pure natural cover to show, but is responsible for site safety officer is not so polite.

But most people enjoy this pure madness, even if those female fans also did the usual demeanor of the lady is basically a catch who kissed who, a conservative estimate, each person had to dozens of pro. Even more. Anyway, all the nerve of the Porto fans are excited.

May Porto dragon stadium and Real Madrid draw that game, not so crazy, now completely in the creation of history.

The relationship between two teams seem to be entirely reversed, Manchester United has become a field of vulnerable party. Desperate resistance to the iron heel of Porto.

Crazy Porto small players is a ton of bricks, doom the impact of the Manchester United defense, Elilte nfl jerseys ,but also more flowering. Middle attack is all piled up in the frontier closed area of Manchester United. There is often a kind of scraping down the opportunity to leave Porto, just like Deco’s long-range.

This pumping cold sub then click on the screen shot. Even if we did not score, let Howard direct victims to feel nervous.

Ferguson calm old man is not so calm, and he frequently rushed own players on the sidelines to issue various commands.

“Wes, cheer up!” Roy. Those damned Portuguese left the frontier closed area! Gary, pay attention to the defense! "

Watched Manchester United’s shaky defense line. Ferguson can only try to make his players to cheer, as well as a few minutes, you must hold the past!

If the first half, Cheap nfl jerseys,let the opponents reversed, then waiting for Manchester United’s 45 after minutes of the game. Definitely turn into a deadly disaster.

Full of wise old man of football. In dealing with their own experiences and those crazy Porto players, but he has felt the pressure.