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Warren Buffett

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Oct 1, 2008 5:52 pm

I know he's just one guy, who has happened to be right more often than being wrong, but with so many people following what he does, what will the markets look like without him?

Oct 1, 2008 6:19 pm

Probably the same as it does with him.   His life and times will be heralded on all of the finanical networks as a great blow to the markets.  Lost a great leader…  You get the point. 

  Then the next week they'll start interviewing someone else.  They'll start calling him the new Warren Buffet or the Warren Buffet of the 21st century.  Whatever.  Someone will step up and take his place.  We've lost a lot of great investors over the years, men like Benjamin Graham and  John Templeton.  Plus a slew of other who's names have never made the papers.  The markets continue to move on. 
Oct 1, 2008 6:46 pm

I plan on getting his official biography and get the real scoop on him.  It seems as if he has had a very weird life.

Oct 1, 2008 6:55 pm

I remember he was buying some steel companies in Chicago about a year ago, when others were bailing out, with cash flow paying out at about .75 time sales price. As for weird, would you still be sitting at a desk and geeking out and eating burgers if you were the richest person? It does seem that generally, in life, you become what you do.