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Oct 28, 2005 6:26 pm

I know there is alot more to it......and I don't want to sound naive. But, how can our nation compete in a global economy.......when we spend so much of our money helping everyone else? I'm all for being philanthropic.....but I think we have gotten so far away from what made our country what it is.......we can no longer afford to be the world's savior. Why is this our job anyway???? Let me ask, much did the US receive from other countries for Katrina relief ?

can you tell it's 2:00 on Friday, with a post like that.

There is so much need in our country, and no... I don't think more money should go to crack babies. But, improving our own systems. Manufacturing, health care, tax reform. I'd rather be spending the money from iraq (not to mention saving lives) on devestated areas of the US, or on improving US cities, in need of revitalization. Do we really need to reform Iraq???? I mean...I like GW, and I thought we should have gone in,.....but come on.....what happened to scaring the bejeezez out of any MF'R that dare mess with the US, and if they do ...deliver the blows, and be done with it. I'm sure if we were on a shock n' awe schedule with Iran and Korea, they would think twice about stepping out of line.

Maybe we should spend billions to go over and teach them the benefits of capitalism, and spend our money building their plants, then we can lose more jobs years down the road. What's going here????

Oct 28, 2005 6:43 pm

The idiots have taken over Europe and the scales have tipped in the U.S.  It's all screwed up.  Hunker down, make as much as possible and stash away as much as possible, pay off as much debt as possible and let the U.S. and the world all go to hell. That's my strategy.  All I need is to move into an isolated gated community to round things off.   Do I sound cynical?    Oh well.  

Now we just need the soxx to participate in the rally so we can really get something going at the end of this year.  You gotta have semis to have a real rally. 

Happy Friday.  

Oct 28, 2005 7:47 pm

[QUOTE]Why is this our job anyway???? [/quote]

Simply because it's "expected." 

You are right - no other country really gives a rip about our well-being, but they should.  In fact, if I'm not mistaken, China gave us something like 500k for Katrina...yeah, that's not a slap in the face! 

I live in Louisiana, and thankfully I didn't feel any of the direct impact of the hurricane, but indirectly everyone is suffering a little.  I'm in no means condoning a complete closing off of our borders because that's ludicrous, but we definitely should start worrying about OUR country first.

Oct 28, 2005 8:26 pm

Don’t overlook the fact that we live in an inter-dependent world not an

indepedent world. Our factories (and all the smog and carcinogens) have

been moved to China, India and S. America. You have to take care of your

"factories" and “workers” to ensure a better lifestyle for yourself. That’s what

our foreign aid is all about.

Jr. needs a new iPod and cell phone and Nike’s, doesn’t he?

PS–don’t you dare suggest we close off our borders. Who’s going to mow

our lawns and pick our tomatos? Immigration, legal or not, is a vital part of

our lifestyle. Are you ready to grow your own lettuce???

Oct 28, 2005 8:51 pm

[QUOTE]Who's going to mow
our lawns and pick our tomatos?[/quote]

I know you didn't!!

Oct 28, 2005 11:30 pm

Much is written about the fact that immigrants (illegal or otherwise) are willing to perform work regular Americans won't and for much less money. In fact, illegal immigration is viewed as beneficial to our economy by some groups. However, these groups don't mention the toll these illegal immigrants are taking on our public services: health, education, etc.

Cheap food and higher taxes; that's what it's boiling down to.

Oct 29, 2005 2:12 am

Q: What do you get when you mate an octopus with a Guatamalan?

A: I don't know what it's called, but you should see THAT son-of-a-gun pick lettuce!

Nov 3, 2005 9:11 pm

All those illegal terrorists crossing the borders and roaming our streets (lib fear card).. When was the last time we seen a Mexican or Arab walking around with a bb gun, never mind the WMD (go Patriot Act). 

If you or your children would like to pick potatoes, vegtables, fruit or plant trees start a company and force the mexicans out of business. Also if you would like to work like a slave on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic for two weeks force them out of the fishing industry.

These people have been here for 30+ years and they are not going anywhere. The fact is Bush stated "we can keep track of them and charge them income tax.".. the libs thought this would send a bad message to their base so once again obstructed with no solution.

As for the cost of illegals there are multiple studies that show the associated costs are far less then expected or speculated.

I am far from an illegal supporter, but as a realist its obvious to me America needs them (just we should keep track of them and tighten borders)..

Nov 4, 2005 11:14 pm

Your right.. Its not black and white.. I would suspect the meat packing plants and custodial companies are positions Americans would like. 

Eight billion and we could have a wall from the Gulf of Mexico to Pacific Ocean. I am all for it!

I dont think its party line also.. I just say they kept open 3000 farm offices. They were about to close 1000 of them and then political pressure kept them open. I guess the phone just does not work? Today I was a government office that is rarely used and we all sat on 10 mode 800 dollar chairs. What a waste of money. Enough blaa blaa from me..