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Mar 9, 2007 4:23 pm

Just a word of warning to all of you here.  If you frequent toygunproducers and happen to anger the juvenile(s) running that board, you will likely lose your anonymity.  I've seen it happen twice now.  The first time I saw it, they actually came on this board and did it.  This time, thus far at least, it's just being done on toygunproducers.

I have this to say...I think it is despicable to not honor a person's desire for anonymity on either forum.  Unfortunately, the lack of professionalism on toygunproducers makes such moves predictable.  Several of you know who I am in real life and that's fine.  While I don't desire to be unmasked, if I were, I could live with that also since I don't answer to any employer.  However, we all know that maintaining anonymity gives us the freedom to say what we truly feel and I find that refreshing, even if I don't always agree with what is said.  I enjoy the exchaneg of ideas and yes, even the occasional sparring.

My conscience is now clear.  If after reading this, you choose to continue participating on toygunpoducers, at least you'll understand the risks.

Mar 9, 2007 5:16 pm

Right on, your conscience is clear.

The evolving concept of free speech - in this profession - is pretty interesting. There is no stopping it.

The imperative to practice basic professional behaviour is not negotiable.

Add another "consideration" to the list.