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Through the eyes of a recruiter

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Nov 15, 2010 11:38 pm


After lurking about on these forums from time to time, I decided it's time to create a profile and share from a recruiter's perspective.

Why, you may ask? Is this guy trying to fish leads? Is he trying to plug his company? Is he a disgruntled ex-FA with a postal vengeance?

No, no and no. The reason is because I see a lot of... "misinformation" being spread about and the few recruiters I have seen post from time to time only seem to worsen the stereotypical image of the financial headhunter. This is my own little way of addressing some of that misinformation and attempting to soften our images.

So, a little information about me is in order.

First and foremost; I work for an independent recruiting firm, meaning I get to choose (or my clients get to choose) which wirehouses/regional firms/IBDs I work with. What does that mean to you? It means that any information I decide to share here will not be skewed by the financial firm that I don't work for. It also means that I don't have tunnel vision.

These days, I primarily work in the indy channel. Prior to 2008, my firm was heavily entrenched in the wirehouses. I think we all know what happened and where the industry has gone from there. While we still do facilitate the random jumps to wirehouses and regionals, we have placed most of our consorted efforts into helping advisers make the leap to independence.

On a personal note, I'm married and have three children. I'm a bit of a movie buff and fancy myself an amateur chef. I'm also a huge computer geek. I consider these things to be proof that I'm not a mindless automaton who spends every waking hour trying to squeeze the industry of every lost drop of blood.

My intentions here are pure and honest. I wish to be a resource for new and seasoned advisers AND recruiters.

So... feel free to pick my brain or, if you must, flame me into oblivion.


Nov 16, 2010 2:42 am

Welcome Rycruiter, I think this board needs a couple recruiters who can fill us in on whats going on in the industry.  I would suggest putting your intro in the Securities Firms section where most of firm talk is. 

Nov 16, 2010 7:14 pm

Welcome.  I think your input can be very valuable here.  Thanks for the manner in which you presented yourself.