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Tax Managed Index Strategy and Portable Assets

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Jun 30, 2010 12:35 am

Have a quick question regarding portability of assets for a specific strategy...curious as to feedback anyone is able to offer.  We are (recruiting firm) working with a client who is interested in hiring a portfolio manager to specialize in a tax managed index strategy (passive equity).  They are only open to considering candidates who have a book of business that is tax managed and is portable.  Their existing clientele is mostly high net worth ($15MM minumum, being lowered to $5MM), but they also cater to some lower end/smaller institutional business.  We've been trying to target advisors with clientele like NDT's (nuclear decommissioning trusts) and other tax sensitive pools of capital, but am curious to hear any thoughts from anyone familiar with tax managed strategies as to how viable it will be for our client to actually acquire a candidate who is managing at least $50-75MM, ideally well over $100MM and the majority of those assets. 

Any comments are greatly appreciated