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Sponsorship Options...advice appreciated!

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Jul 13, 2013 12:53 am


I'm a mid 20's recent college graduate and aspiring wholesaler (MF's/ETF's). I recently passed my series 63 and now need to find a sponsor for my series 7. I currently make a good starting salary at a fortune 50 company, but it is a procurement job...literally the opposite of sales and no upward mobility...and although I need a decent salary to pay my bills- I'm not sure how long I can sustain the act. I'm also located in SD currently so there arent too many FINRA firms to cold call, etc. 

Stuck in the series 7 catch-22! 

Option 1: Prop trading firm such as Bright trading LLC (look bad on U4?)

Option 2: Unpaid internship with a FINRA firm in san diego for sponsorship...would have to work around my current 8-4 job. 

Option 3: Quit my job, jump into Metlife or Prudential etc and leave when I finally get the 7 (not feasible since I cant really live on <50k)

I have a few wirehouses on my resume and friends on sales desks who can get me interviews, but I'm starting to lose hope after looking for a sponsor the past 6 months.  

I've considered just showing up at offices in the area and trying to finagle my way in...I also served in the air force for 4 yrs right out of high school and was even considering cold calling other vets in the industry hoping to be thrown a bone.  Whats my best option? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated :)