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Dec 7, 2009 1:24 pm

[quote=Lloyd]Hello everyone.  I should first state that I am NOT a licensed broker and while I realize that this forum is for licensed brokers I have searched the terms of service and didnt see anything in there about not being able to post without being such.  Second I want to say I am not pitching anything but instead hoping I could get a professional insight on what type of broker I should be looking for.  As a member of several trade specific forums within my own field (electrical contractor) I understand the frustrations that come with novices or less posting questions that seem unspecific and clearly misguided so I will be as specific as I can.

  Once again I am NOT pitching anything to you or asking advice on HOW to pitch.  What I am looking for is a description of the TYPE of broker I need, and perhaps a solid lead on where or how to find him/her.   As an electrical contractor I have been engageing in solar instalations, in the commercial market this is extremely proffitable and almost easy, but because of the huge initial investment its still for the most part out of reach for most residential customers.  While the return on investment is still good for residential customers most just cant afford the initial outlay (20 - 40k) leaving the largest market share almost untouched.  Myself an a real estate attorney have found a way to lease the SREC rights (solar renewable energy credits) in such a way that  it can pay for enough of a solar instalation for most homes to achieve a net zero energy cost and still be a really good investment for someone willing to wait 6-8 years for a 100% ROI.  No need for me to go into numbers any more then that because as I said I AM NOT HERE TO PITCH.   these are my specific questions:   While I can talk about this for days, its not my area of expertise, How do I find someone to pitch this for me in terms of broker to potential investor?  Am I even looking for a broker or am I barking up the wrong tree.    As I invision this I would have a firm or broker pitch this to some kind of investment house and manage the fund.  Am I close?  Is there a specific type of firm that I should be looking for that can help me weigh the risk for myself as well as potential investors then market it for me?  If so how should they be paid?  Should I favor firms or brokers that are strictly performance based? ie commission?   I apologize if this post is of the type not usually considered acceptable in this forum and sincerely hope you recognize it as genuine and while certainly self serving not intended to be a request for anything more then some professional insight.   thanks Lloyd[/quote] Lloyd,  you may want to try to get some insight from someone at a company like Sun Edison.  A client of mine was one of the founders.   They are doing it on a much bigger level what you are trying to do on a residential level.    If I'm not mistaken, it appears as if what you are trying to do is simply have residences be able to do this without needing the 20-40K up front.   You probably do need a venture capitalist.  I think that it was Goldman Sachs that put up the necessary money for Sun Edison.