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Scrambling for the top

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Sep 7, 2012 7:45 am

Look at now, Jerseys from china,,shooting 10-of-15 shots, threes 5, 4 vote, 26 points and 10 rebounds, and the data in the start of the regular season, some people will think of you? If you enter the playoffs China Yang can continue this performance will be the gospel of all Celtics fans. NESN Experts Evans - Collinge wrote in his column in the city for Yang Shuai recognized as the most famous local sports media in Boston, they recognized equivalent.

Of course, the news is not about Yang Shuai completely a praise, because some of the league does not allow things to do with the Rockets game.

Yang Shuai, pointing to the Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets game fans cursed behavior, the Union responded in late the next day. Yang Shuai to do so does not respect the fans, and damage to the overall image of the NBA, so handsome, Yang made the punishment of a fine of $ 25,000.

Union message a maximum response was undoubtedly Charles Barkley - just Reggie - Miller said half of fifty thousand dollars, but Barkley still Routong tight.

Yang Shuai may be unable to manage so much, the Union of punishment he is now just look at the figures it, anyway, he did not need money.

Celtic away to the Mavericks, a lot of things in the game, Kevin Garnett and Dirk Nowitzki on the bit is one of the most compelling one. In fact, the game does become a showdown of two All-Star power forward Kevin Garnett scored 36 points and 15 rebounds this a while Dirk Nowitzki had 35 points and 12 rebounds, so that the original concern that the two duel fans hooked final Celtic 99:95 quartile advantage to win the game.

Celtic In addition to Garnett, there are two double-doubles, Rondo's 10 points and 11 assists and Young handsome 12 points and 10 rebounds, plus Pierce's 23 points, the four will scored 81 points.

Yang Shuai in this race between shots is a lot less, feel more drop 9 4 threes 4 vote 2 Free Throw 2 of 2. But his 10 rebounds, but four offensive rebounds, which makes Rivers is greatly appreciated, Yang Shuai of entrepreneurship that he likes very na.

Celtics team the next day nonstop arrived in New Orleans before the time to participate in the All-Star Game is not the same, this time Yang Shuai and Garnett is not to perform. Two teams fighting 48 minutes, final Celtic 96:104 lost to the Hornets. Yang Shuai again scored in double figures, got 12 points, but only grabbed seven rebounds, could not in three consecutive double-doubles.

Celtics game losing was by no means surprising, continuous back-to-back road campaign plus physical consumption, Cheap Nike jerseys,young Hornets by Yat pending labor easily against - Chris Paul and David - Wes special the two wasp core while scoring on 30.

End battle finished and Hornets, the Celtics finally ended their western road trip, still the league record of 56 wins and 13 losses first.

More relaxed in the Southwest Division successive conquests after the Celtics next race in March, eight days, four soccer match and all at home, can be considered a rare adjust the time, all four games the Celtics win , the rising overall record is 60 wins and 13 losses, locked in advance of a playoff spot.

With half performance in March, Yang Shuai in the Rookie of the Year Award in March once again beat Horford, the second of the season to receive this award. This Month Yang Shuai averaging 13.2 points and 6.7 rebounds, score Ranked eastern rookie, rebounds Ranked eastern rookie.

Young handsome rising popularity in the country has more than easy to build even after nearly a season expedition. Easy to build even late in the season performance decline, Yang Shuai performance steadily naturally not the same, the popularity of the two.

- Ray Allen has returned from injury, but he injured a wake-up call to the Rivers, close to the playoffs, the head coach of the Green Army team again appear sick, especially the main players do not want to. The best way is to rotate the regular season, left the last nine games, Rivers has decided to make arrangements to look at each player's playing time.

Starting Rivers certainly not going to change - Ray Allen will return to the starting lineup, after all, this team has a season,Elilte nfl jerseys,before the playoffs, he needs to stabilize. The starting lineup does not mean playing time will Rivers decided to the several starters veteran playing time control in about 25 minutes.

The playing time in the Rivers seems more reasonable, both to ensure that these people are the state, but also allows them to have sufficient strength to attend the playoffs. Such a benefit is to allow the bench to find better state, and into the playoffs, Rivers firmly believe that the bench will affect the direction of the team.

In the the April first game, Rivers try first adjustment away to challenge the Bulls, Rivers still sent Perkins, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray - Allen, Rondo's starting lineup However, in the first quarter hit five minutes later, he began a rotation. Yang Shuai was put Pierce end rest, 3 minutes, Garnett was replaced, Bowyer put on.

See this Live members flew to see through the idea of ​​Rivers, he immediately analyzed from the Rivers practice, and the conclusion is very correct.

Also really like the fact that Rivers thought the Celtics game played very easily, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray - Allen trio playing time are between 24-28, three to get 14 points, 17 points, 17 points, but came off the bench Yang Shuai and Kassel show a good state to get 15 points and 13 points, respectively, eventually Celtics on the road 106:93 easily beat the Bulls.

The Celtic game adjustments attracted the attention of a lot of people, insiders agree that Rivers in advance for the playoffs to prepare, but they have to admit that the Celtics do have capital. Something a lot of teams for the final playoff preparation, but Celtic standing alliance watching these people scrambling for the top, very aloof feeling.

The first game from April 1 to April 16 last game,Cheap nfl jerseys,the Celtics nine games win eight games overall record of 68 wins and 14 losses, there is no doubt boarded the Union throne. Yang Shuai get plenty of playing time this month, played just 28 minutes, got 13.9 points and 7.0 rebounds.