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Prospect my old P&C book in the Chicago area?

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Dec 16, 2008 1:09 pm

I had a captive agency in Chicago with one of the major P&C insurance companies. I left to start an independent firm about one year ago and the non-compete is just coming up! The book with the captive is 2.4 million in P&C premium, 60% personal lines and 40% commercial. The book also has a lot of life policies that could be replaced to save the client money (the captive was not competitive).

We now write with all the major independent P&C, L&H companies!

I am looking for an individual that will focus on prospecting and writing all the existing relationships (still not easy work).

The compensation will be 70% of the new business commissions and 70% of the renewal commissions. I will cover the E&O for the first 6 months.

Would anyone experienced be interested in speaking further?