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Aug 2, 2013 6:22 am

I am a 31 yr old Veteran. I’ve been with primerica for 14 months. Full time for about 9 of those. I love the industry, concepts, and products. But after 14 months and hiring 40 people, I owe the company. I am invested In the company very much. Have my own office right next to my Senior Vice President. I have been looking at other firms and have actually been offered positions, so I am marketable. What can you tell me about Primerica that I may not know? Good or Bad, any counseling or information would be appreciated. Thanks

Jan 3, 2016 6:38 pm

In spite of their boasts, in 2011, 97.5% of Primericans earned less than $36k, many of them being RVPs even. Review their annual reports, don’t just listen to the hype. In 2014, the average rep sold only 2.28 policies for the whole year! 84% of new recruits leave before even getting licensed and 35% of their licensed force leaves each year as well. You will be forced to constantly recruit to replace your reps, and even then, their stated average earnings were only $6k, which barely competes with earnings they can make working at McDonalds part time. Im sure by now (its 2016) you have probably moved on in any case, as so many do.