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Opinions Needed: Offering service to small businesses for fee

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May 23, 2015 4:18 pm

I am sure this isn't  a new idea, but I had a thought today and wanted to run it by.  I cant find much about it online except that it is a growing need.  I have been on this board often, but never posted.  I am an insurance agent, but spend a lot of my time selling mutual funds as far as life agents go.  I am more interested in the financial planning and helping younger people formulate a plan to retire rather than actually manage the assets.  So what I had in mind as a business idea is this.  Keep in mind, I don't know any of the details as far as cost to owner and all the employees would get, but here are my ideas so far:

Offer a service to a business like a retainer fee where the business owner pays me a fee and in return his/her employees get a quarterly financial workshop, monthly newsletter, can call me with financial questions, review their 401k options, etc...

The cost would be like 1% of payroll or $50/mo/employee.

Im not sure of the details but want your opinions and ideas on the framework, costs, services etc...  I have very thick skin(I get told no for a living) so be honest!