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A note about CYBER BULLIES

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Apr 29, 2007 4:08 am


Thank you for allowing me to fight back against all of the venom directed towards me.  If someone insults, bullies, torments, abuses me: they can expect me to fight back.  I refuse to be bullied.

Please don't ban anyone who wants to post here.  And allow them to defend themselves against the Cyber Bullies please (I do appreciate being allowed to defend myself: thanku!)

There's a set of bullies who want to control this board.  This isn't their site and try as they might, they don't control this board.  They can act like mobsters and all gang up on posters:  my advice is as long as the moderators don't ban you, fight back.

No poster should put up with any bully treatment or be shouted off the board from ANY bully whether they think they own this site or have a gang of followers or not.

My suspicion is that some of these bullies are actually the SAME poster, too.  Having different IP addresses doesn't prove anything; some of these people may have an entire network of IP addresses.

My initial post was asking a question to evaluate this career field and then I noticed all of the abuse towards goforbroke.  Goforbroke posted relative posts, posted in offtopic forums and still was abused.  When I call these cyber bullies on their behavior, I get like treatment.

Bobby Hall said "go kill yourself" "go set yourself on fire" "your mom should aborted you" "go sit in your mom's lap and set yourself on fire".  These other mobsters seem to agree with him treating others like this.  Joedabrkr has continually insulted goforbroke and me: seems to think he has alot of influence with the moderators that they will just ban anyone he wants banned.  -- so that's how this got started.

Furthermore, Philo told a poster to "drop dead".  Bobby Hall insulted Sillohette's mother and said he wanted to molest her or something to that effect.  The latest is another poster coming out of the woodwork and attempting to shout me off the site, too.

Bobby Hall sent me a PM and said he enjoyed abusing me.

CYBER BULLIES:  Bobby Hall, Joedabrkr, Babbling Looney, Indyofone, Starka, and now Pratoman.  Pratoman thinks because he used big letters "ban her!!!" --that maybe the moderators will ban me: well, it's their call.  Just remember, I never bullied anyone:  they bullied/abused/tormented me: I refuse to be bullied. 

So if THIS is the type of Forum you want to run here: with these cyber bullies controlling the site: then, it's your decision.  

These CYBER Bullies really discredit the Financial Advisor/Broker profession with their unprofessional behavior.

Thank you Moderators for allowing my free speech and for recognizing that I've only wanted to post without enduring CYBER BULLY treatment.

I'll probably not post anymore due to all of these cyber bullies freaking out as they have. But please if this mobster gang continue to control this board and abuse posters in an attempt to shout them off the board, please BAN THEM INSTEAD--this is the only way they will learn not to cyber bully:  they are only making this profession look bad.

My compliments to the moderators for not banning me and/or allowing these bullies to bully me off the site.  If you decide to ban me to make peace, I understand; but please be aware, they will continue to do this to other posters.




PS:   Cyber Bullies:  Told you so: You don't have to be a rep to post here.  Moderators, if you only want reps posting here, then, please change the rules of the site; but then newbies or students wouldn't be able to post here, would they?   

According to NASD:  these so called "Rep" unprofessionals shouldn't be posting here anyway.

Live and let live:  Advocate for Free Speech/No Cyber Bullies!