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My introduction

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Aug 10, 2015 9:37 pm

Hello everyone,

I just joined this forum and looking forward to all the insight specifically with personal finance.  A few things about myself, I am a Marketing Director at a financial news company called Money's Edge, currently in grad school at USC working toward a Master's in Communication Management and occasionally working as a staff editor when I am not doing core marketing tasks.  Money's Edge, just so you know covers stories involving internet lending, mobile payments, digital currency, crowdfunding/crowdlending and personal finance.

We had a good story this morning entitled "Here's Why You Need a Personal Financial Advisor" as it was really informative to those who are rather new to the concept. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on thread topics in this forum and learning everything I can.  I am pretty new to this niche but I have always found peer forums to be the best source of learning in terms of acclimation.