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Jul 29, 2008 6:27 pm

I’ll give you credit for trying to make a silk purse of a sow’s ear, but your time would probably be better spent making your pitch to all those uneducated and irrational clients of yours…

  Trust me I am, I have yet to lose a client out of all of this.  As long as you don't count the two that deceased this year.    I am an eternal optimist and see opportunity in everything, and I convey that daily to my clients.  While other people are losing their hat in the housing market.  I just purchased a dirt cheap 4 bedroom home, while others are whining about low CD rates, I am locking in a 5.85% mortgage.  While rates are down I am also looking into buying a couple duplexes for use as rental property.  While everyone is flocking to cash I am putting money into the market.  While other advisors are talking about how bad this market is, I look at it as an opportunity to take money from bad advisors.  While others look at everything that is going on with Merrill Lynch as a horrible situation.  I look at it as burning dead grass, it's a necessary evil in order to get green grass to grow again.      I think as a rookie advisor to this industry if you can survive the current market environment, and still hit your hurdles, it will make this career that much easier in the future.    Good luck to all and please continue to doubt Mother Merrill.   
Jul 29, 2008 6:31 pm


Trust me I am, I have yet to lose a client out of all of this.  As long as you don't count the two that deceased this year.      [/quote]   It depends.  Did you kill them or not?  Completely legitimate question.
Sep 13, 2008 7:08 pm

[quote=BullBroker]I’m not naive enough to think it won’t ever happen, but for the last 93 years Merrill Lynch has only been one firm.  Correct me if I’m wrong(which I know you guys will) but Merrill Lynch is the only Major Investment firm that has never been bought or sold. 

  There is a reason Mother Merrill is scrambling and scraping for cash, there is a big consolidation coming in the financial industry.  Merrill is just insuring that they have enough cash on the books that no one has enough money to come in and buy them.  In my opinion there isn't a company in the U.S. strong enough to buy Merrill Lynch, (maybe GE but they won't, they too are scrambling for cash), I am most worried about a Saudi company stepping up and buying a major firm in the U.S. [/quote]   BullBroker, thought I'd dig this up to see what your current take on MER is.  It isn't good that CNBC runs their stock price continuously across the top of the screen with LEH and WAMU.   When the shorts have nothing more of LEH to short, they'll keep shorting MER.  Maybe the SEC will come out with the no naked shorting financials again, or only shorting on an uptick rule.  I have no idea why that rule was ever taken away.   Have you personally seen any MER clients leaving because of the bad press and situation, like that $100MM client?
Dec 15, 2010 2:27 am

I miss the old days when members of a broker's forum had heated arguments about business related matters.  Wonder whatever happened to BullBroker.

Dec 16, 2010 2:48 am

[quote=BullBroker][quote=joedabrkr] [quote=BullBroker]And what is it that you would sell all the people in line at IndyMac Bank?[/quote]

MER is cheap....and probably getting cheaper....

 UP 5% + since your post, why don't you go ahead and buy some JAN09 Puts joe since your sure it's getting cheaper


Best advice ever on this forum.

Mar 18, 2015 11:03 am

One suggestion I have is to read the business section of your local newspaper. Subscribe to, and read professional magazines in selected fields, i.e. architects, attorneys, medical, etc. There’s always news of “people on the move” in those places. Can’t afford to subscribe? Go to your local library. They should have all the current publications available.