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Key information websites for investment and financial management in China

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Jan 30, 2021 3:45 am

Hi guys, here below I have prepared a list of websites relevant to your financial business in China.

I. Founds Sies

Tiantian Fund (, Haomai Fund ( , Eggroll Fund (

On these three websites you can view the funds, and the valuation of the funds, and these sites support the online investment. You can check the net worth, summary, fund company, found managers, and details of your purchases.

Morningstar Found (Morningstar Network -Illuminating Investment Life, an International Authoritative Fund Rating Agency)

This is a world-renowned fund rating agency, and you can inquire about fund ratings and related information.

China Securities Index (CSI,

On this website you can find the price-earnings ratios, dividend ratios, etc. of various first- and second-tier industries, and partners- who are not convenient to calculate the total market value of the stock market - can use the CSI full index as an approximate value to calculate the Buffett index. The constituent stocks, compilation rules, price-earnings ratios, etc. of various SSE series, SZSE series and CSI series indexes- that you usually encounter- can be found on the official website of CSI Index as well . (SSE - Shanghai Stock Exchange, SZSE - Shenzhen Stock Exchange)

II. Stock websites

(1) Oriental Fortune’s Research Report Center (研报首页 )

The research report is very complete, but the operation is inconvenient because it does not mark the content and depth of the research report.

(2) Tonghuashun (

You can filter out some companies with simple and similar businesses.

(3) Hibor Investment Research Information [Research Report-Huibo (]

Here you can see all kinds of business analysis, individual stock research reports, and macroeconomic reports. Of good reference interest.

(4) Wind Data (

This is a professional investment website, which requires a fee of about tens of thousands RMB a year, and is generally used by professional institutions.

(5) Robor Investment Research []

Here you can see all kinds of business analysis, individual stock research reports, and macroeconomic reports, which are very useful for your analysis of company values. This can be regarded as a free alternative to Wind Data (strongly recommended).

(6) Lixinger []

You can view the financial information of A-share listed companies, avoiding the very time-consuming calculation process, but some Hong Kong stocks are lacking complete data, and therefore are more suitable for A-shares investment. There are similar websites, the website with much similarity is called Investor Data Network (

(7) Investor Data Network (

(8) Ono Video

This website provides financial report analysis and valuation analysis. It mainly aggregates and analyzes the data in the annual report to uncover the secrets behind the annual reports.

(9) I Wencai (

It can provide you with the corresponding data feedback based on the search conditions you input, for example you can search directly, "ROE or revenue growing over the past three years”, resulting in a simple stock pool , with companies that are relevant to your business for analysis.

(10) Futu (

You can learn some knowledge about financial derivatives at, and it is also a very useful website for querying Hong Kong stock information.

(11) Comparable company query (

Comparing the data of global comparable companies, the biggest use is to look at the valuation quantiles of their stocks from a global perspective.

(12) Tianyancha (

It is an indispensible tool to query the company’s equity relationship, and it can also determine whether the company has related transactions

(13) Look at the financial report []

The financial report website that “looks at the picture and speaks out the truth” does not require you to look for data one by one, and there is no calculation needed. If you want to compare the data of the same company in different years, or the data of different companies, it will be presented in a variety of intuitive pie charts and histograms, which is convenient and efficient.


This is a value investor forum, where there are many value investors and gathering places for the fintech gurus. Many analysis and research reports are well written, but there are also many articles that are not rigorously written and therefore need to be screened out carefully.

(15) Tortoise Quantification (

With this website you can see the current market index valuation.

(16) Legule shares (

This website can be used to see whether the index valuation is at the bottom of the market.

(17) Cailian (

Information website of the financial industry.

(18) Juchao Information (

China’s largest and most comprehensive securities website. Basic data and reports are available on this website. You can view quarterly reports, annual reports, inquiry letters, repurchases, share reductions, and the prospectus, etc. The only drawback is that the prospectus before 2004 cannot be found.

(19) Shanghai Stock Exchange []

You can view all the information of the public listed companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Many information can also be found. You can also check the policies of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (about Answers to XX questions of Chuangban).

(20) Shenzhen Stock Exchange []

You can view all public information of companies listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and you can see the old prospectus that cannot be found by Juchao.

(21) The Hong Kong Stock Exchange []

You can view the public information of companies listed on Hong Kong stocks. Those who want to invest in Hong Kong stocks can visit here to find information about various companies.

(22) Asdaq Finance []

You can view relevant information before the listing of Hong Kong stocks. If you want to study Hong Kong stocks to become a new partner, you can follow this website.

III. Industry Data

(1) The National Bureau of Statistics []

Here one can view the changes in various domestic macro data, such as: GDP, CPI, PPI, CMI, urban employment, foreign exchange reserves, etc. (most of the macro data in research reports originate from here).

(2) Sina Finance-China’s macroeconomic data [中国宏观经济数据_新浪财经_新浪网]

(3) China Banking Corporation []

You can view the growth rate of data such as M1, M2, M3, and you can see the yields of government bonds for different years, and you can see deposits and loans A series of financial data on conditions and so on.

(4) The national foreign exchange management website []

Here one can see the status of external financing assets and liabilities, balance of payments, foreign exchange reserves, etc.

(5) The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission []

You can query the corresponding data of insurance, and can also search the data of the insurance industry here, which can be used to analyze insurance in the industry, insurance products can also be analyzed.

(6) Ministry of Finance []

You can view the national and local financial data.

(7) [罗兰贝格管理咨询]

You can view the in-depth analysis reports of various industries. The content is very professional, many of them are available in English.

(8) Penguin Think Tank (

You can view the emerging data report of the Internet industry and the pan-entertainment white book. The content of the emerging industry is very solid.

(9) Iresearch []

It has a large collection of business data, including white books about consumer goods, payment industry, logistics, game industry, etc. , but some reports are needed to pay.

(10) Quest Mobile (

It has a large number of Internet business reports, including mobile social networking, health and beauty, medical services, digital reading, education and learning and many other business reports Analysis. If you want to study Internet companies, don’t miss Quest Mobile’s business analysis reports.

IV. Other categories

To inquire about the qualification and licensing status of the wealth management, insurance, and bonds sectors, look at these sites:

(1) China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission []

You can inquire about the qualification status of insurance companies, as well as about banking information, etc.

(2) China Wealth Management []

You can view the qualification status of bank wealth management products, as well as detailed terms and specifications.

(3) China Bond Information []

You can view channels such as the rating issuance and underwriting of government bonds, land bonds, and corporate bonds, as well as in-depth analysis of various bonds.

(4) Brainstorming []

This includes bonds, convertible bonds, and ETF fund investment websites, which can be used to check the issuance and listing date of new bonds, which is not normal. Brainstorming is free. A similar website is Richvest


Mark Chen

Plutus Fintech