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Apr 28, 2007 8:29 am

"I have bashed/bullied/trashed or mistreated anyone. "


Correction:  I don't make it a practice of mistreating people as others do here on this site.

Hmmm, suggestion for improvement:  add "modify" feature.

Apr 29, 2007 7:57 pm

Back to topic.

My comment is not specifically about IMAS but related (DIVERSITY):

(Speaking of diversity, seems that financial companies would be doing more to recruit women especially if the field is that dominated by the male species as is mentioned and reflected here.)

I've o'ded on Senfeld dVD's lately and yes, even though, it's acting, Kramer's essence shines thru as being one of the most diverse characters in embracing diversity (e.g. IMO, it's not just acting, he does embrace diversity).  He was heckled, ego got bruised and he just attacked in the most brutal way he could to get back: he really isn't a racist.

In the shows, he might make a wise crack and be brutally honest as with the female with the big nose, voicing his opinion on various topics that appear in the show but if you watch him and how he works with diverse characters: no way is he a racist--he was just p/o'd: people will say anything to be brutal if they are p/o'd. 

Kramer also works well with midgets, too.

I hate to see his career ruined because he's very talented, very physically adept in those physical stunts he did on the show ...and he also looks pretty good in briefs.

I disagree with this link: sed.html 

I hope Kramer will make a come-back!  He's a very kool dude.

As for Mel Gibson: the only thing that will save him is if he does a movie to show pro Jew; his dad was anti-semitic, so maybe he was, too. 

My point is sometimes you say things when you are very mad: it doesn't mean you are prejudiced: you just want to HURT that person.  I may think men can be chauvenistic, callous aholes but that doesn't mean I think all men are that way.  On the contrary, I'm a fan of men and, in fact, think all women executives should have male administrative assistants.  (...may not type as good, but they can reach the bottom filing cabinet rather nicely.)