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I want you to give him a good-looking game

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Aug 28, 2012 7:32 am

This time Chandler went to seal Ariza,authentic nfl jerseys,Kevin did not hinder smoothly she took the rebounds. See the opponent get rebounds emptiness inside, and make amends to the West from their own step away, a right-handed hook gently the ball obediently into the basket. Since the West standing Kevin the left, Kevin hook action soon, very supple, the West can not help it.

Van Gundy suddenly shines "this kid did not expect such a hand!" Quenched in just the team feel when he is not ever thought of a strong rushing inside. But we all know, the simple technology of Warcraft attack the basket, and did not cause any trouble to the Hornets. Now, with a supple feel inside big man, Van Gundy really wanted to test the weight of the big man. Standing on the sidelines and yelled: "Daniel! Over the ball to Kevin."

Daniel hesitated, in running the ball to Kevin? That rookie? Boss is how to think? Van Gundy obviously saw his puzzled expression, tipped his head and motioned for him to defend quickly, there would be nothing to say.

Hornets also take in the Magic's defense in front of little means, after all, the large Van Gundy in the league to eat also rely on the defensive coach. Finally Brown not in 45 degrees on a three-pointer, Turkoglu picked up the rebounds, the ball to Daniel, five quick kill to the front court. Beyond the arc Daniel aiming to see Lewis is a vacancy, and was about to pass in the past. Suddenly remembered the boss to his own command, hand sided ball to Kevin. Roubo Kevin and Chandler are the NBA old-timers did not expect himself to overcast, do not pay attention to even take advantage of the referee. Launched a lane. Kevin suddenly fire from positive this time the ball flew over Kevin almost forgotten that this is in the game, he thought only must give this asshole nice. Him the ball right now fiercely fierce sudden step, Chandler immediately come to closure.

"Oh," two people suddenly simultaneously laugh.

Kevin, but do not want to laugh, he just lost a ball, youth nfl jerseys,this is the West, in his own head up a small throwing hand. This let the other side is very proud, and allows Kevin chagrin incomparable. From the beginning of the Chandler, and Paul, now is the West, they are in their own body score. Not himself anti down a what.

Van Gundy looked at Kevin chagrin, gently smiled, "are young Blame ah! But that's okay, I believe you will be good."

The Kevin received the ball, there is no chance. West like a piece of chewing gum stuck their own, not with the shot, and even passing are difficult, Lewis ran the ball, they are preaching weak and almost let Peja was shut off. Fortunately, however, a weak Lewis now suddenly come to the state, immediately after the ball to break through to the inside, Chandler to intercept Lewis did so with a quick turn around, and then directly layup. Action at a stretch and into perfect and beautiful.

The next game, with the wake of Lewis, Turkoglu, Daniel suddenly have struck the first blow. Kevin look relaxed down, simply need to do to do the pick and roll, the pass to take over the ball. Hornets have emerged several mistakes in a row, Paul put the ball in the hands of Howard, Peja dribbling Daniel off Brown even voted three nonstick. So end of the third when the score is 54 than 57, magic and overtake his opponent three minutes.

Four Tyson, I did not mean


"My lamb you dry down Kevin while you. Ariza, the job you do what Kevin dry, I believe you." Van Gundy loudly clamoring for the rest of the team members are constantly nodded.

Kevin is playing the rise, to hear coach should replace him, and my heart is still a little uncomfortable, but try to think of this is their second game,cheap authentic jerseys,has been able to play to get 11 points and 2 rebounds in 13 minutes, this data and playing time should be content. Mixed over the years a lot of role players in the NBA, no such results?

The fourth quarter of the game, Kevin went back to the bench. Watch helplessly teammates grappling anxious last a Hornets dishing out running boom-play has been a very popular, Peja, Brown, Bobby - Jackson, Paul Chandler, composed of an attacking force full of smaller lineup. This lineup obviously lack hone continuous run and gun a few mistakes, but things need to run and gun, they are not missing, can be used as the core of the guard, firepower shooters, excellent ability to move the big man , which are the basis of run and gun.

4 minutes of the game down, the magic is not mature defensive style of play and the Hornets naive run and gun duel down. Win the Hornets, they beat the Magic a 14 * Howard in this game, back and forth only ran, can not play with this role, as well as Magic tall striker, 2 m 08 Lewis, Turkoglu same height, 2 m 03 Ariza as a striker for their ability to move very well. But opponents have little ability to move better, more sharp perimeter. But let these good striker useless.

Against this play, there are two options, one is on the fight and the opponents, the same run and gun, play a commanding global core guard, it is clear that Daniel overall control, control the pace of the game. You can not qualified for this position. While another is learning Spurs, strengthen defensive part and rebounds section, play half the high success rate. This is king of what benevolent always the hardest, the same school shall not magic.

Game into a very difficult situation, the fourth quarter, 6 minutes and 04 seconds, with a high arc overfly, "Shua" sound, the Peja again hit a third. It is this six minutes of the fourth quarter, he hit threes. Former league striker, today finally exposed the flooded teeth. He landed in the Magic the death, and the Hornets have been leading the Magic for 15 points.

Van Gundy looked at the scoreboard, nfl jerseys china,in the face of such opponents. Van Gundy made their own decisions with Arroyo, who replaced Turkoglu, and he desperately entangled Paul. Ariza to defend Peja, Lewis to deal with Bobby, leaving only Danny children to see live Brown. Put this lineup, Arroyo immediately wrap the Paul ** interference any action including post moves without the ball, caught this core. Hornets organization really messy. Coupled with boundless energy Ariza, slightly aging Peja is really too much.

At this critical moment, returning to the Howard started his own magic show. First, Arroyo shot forward, Warcraft to grab rebounds basket complement buckle succeeded. Then an unexpected hit in the cast, the last strong play Chandler small throwing hands have made a three-point play. With the continuous score of Warcraft, Magic the situation began to improve. Kevin Tsay tight fist nervously watching his teammates grappling.

Howard again in the post to go to the ball of Warcraft in a beautiful basket of feint then we would turn around when suddenly covered his face from their own perspective, Kevin did not see, but Ariza was fierce jump menacing staring at Chandler, Lewis also ran over and Chandler hold. See this scene, Kevin must understand before Delek engage in a little trick that hurt Howard. Thought Kevin from the bench stood up to go past it.

Rattling in the field, Howard one hand to cover the face, a hand pushed Ariza, gently shook his head. This time the team doctor and staff also ran in the past, Coach handbags outlet,the Howard back to the seating area. Speaking of Howard, always showing the innocence of big arena Biao defend but also very kind. Ariza Warcraft push, but he was still angry standing on the sideline.

Kevin looked at Howard's face, turned out to be a broken nose, blood has been in the stream, and seems to be very serious trauma. Van Gundy wrinkle tight eyebrows, directly cried: "Kevin, I want you to give him a good-looking game, you know what?"

Kevin looked at Howard also looked coaches Shuaixia towel on shoulders, stood up: "I will not disappoint anyone, including them!" Kevin finger Hornets seating area, being the team doctor to Jerusalem Howard, head stuffed into the nostrils tampons suddenly as if to laugh like a snort: "Black kid, I was a little fall in love with you."