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Oct 12, 2015 8:14 pm


I graduated in 2014. I have been working as an Insurance Broker in Connecticut since then. Best compensation job at the time so I took it. Coming up on 2 years now & I am ready to make a change. I would love nothing more to change into a career path of Financial Advising or Wealth Management.

I put in 45-70 hours a week depending. I am making decent money but kind of topped out. The brokerage I work for does not pay renewals just new business & I do not mind putting in tons of hours but if I am going to put in that time I want to sell a product with more pop.

I currently have my P&C License and my Life & Health. I have decent selling back ground in the sense I am an insurance broker & cold calling persuasion is the name of the game. I understand I would need my Series 7 & 66 but need to be sponsored.

I just would need suggestions on best route to get into this line of business. How should I proceed(next step)? Any suggestions on which company to aim for to start a career in thsi line of work? Good idea switching from insurance to wealth management?

Any guidance would be most appreciated.

Thank you.