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How do you feel about Sirius

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Nov 8, 2005 12:25 am

How does everyone feel about siri stock, I keep debating to buy some for myself. I think it's all hype though, but short-term the hype might make a few bucks......

Any takes....


Nov 8, 2005 4:17 am

Alot of people like siri or its competitor, but until rush is on there I listen to my CD's.  Most people dont even listen to radio do the 7 dollar price is deceptive. Although I would have questioned GOOG at 100 billion..

Nov 8, 2005 11:25 am

Sirius’ new portable unit the s50, unveiled today, is great looking. Very

iPodish and will probably have a good holiday season. Sales at SIRI are

expected to double next year. As long as they can keep their cash burn rate

low enough to reach cash flow positive status they’ll be okay.

Sprint/Nextel subscribers can now access Sirius programming from cell

phones for $6.95/month.

Nov 8, 2005 2:36 pm

Bought it at $3.05 selling it at $7.05.

Nov 8, 2005 3:59 pm

One limitation to the S50 is that you can't listen to live programming on the go.

It has to be recorded.

From my research SIRI wasn't confident at this juncture they could support live programming on the go as there are too many dropouts which would frustrate customers.

Full disclosure I am a subscriber and shareholder


Nov 8, 2005 5:10 pm


Thanks for bringing up that most crucial of points. If you have to sit at a

computer and program a recording schedule to listen “on the go”, then this

battle has already been won by…APPLE.

For the same money $399, you can carry with you: music that you like,

pictures, slide shows, audio books, podcasts and videos that you can play on

a stereo or hook up to a TV. Sirius is dooooooooomed.

No way Howard Stern is going to save this one, Baby!

Nov 8, 2005 5:21 pm

I hear Howard has something like a $500,000.000 contract.  Am I crazy or did I read that right? 

Maybe I should start bringing porn stars and strippers to my seminars.  Anyone have any porn stars as clients?  I always wondered where they invest their money.  

Nov 8, 2005 5:24 pm

I must have read that contract number wrong for Howard.  That cant be correct.

Nov 8, 2005 5:28 pm

you read it right.

however, that is for the whole show not just for him.   But i'm sure he made out ok  himself on the deal.

I love Howard but the real reason I am a shareholder is because of his boss Mel Karmazin.


Nov 8, 2005 6:05 pm


If I got invited to a seminar with strippers and porn stars, I’d sign up. Forget

about cofee and donuts, that sounds like a business model to experiment

with. Bravo!