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Houston Texans

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Nov 11, 2012 10:44 am

Perhaps the city Houston will reminds you of the great NBA team Rockets, but there`s also another team that can make the whole city blow. Yes, you`re right here, today we`re gonna Wholesale Cheap Jerseys talk about Houston Texans, the great football team in NFL.

Houston Texans was founded in 1999 and is the 32nd team in NFL. In 2000, the team announced 5 possible names for the team. One month later, after careful thought , the team chose to use Texans as its name. In the mean time, the team conducted a series of selection on its jersey and color in a commercial NFL Jerseys Wholesale zone.

Houston Texans formally participated in NFL in 2002 but till now, they haven`t got into Super Bowl semi-final. But I believe there is vast space for its further development in NFL. Let`s just wait and see what`s gonna happen on the football team.$20 nfl jerseys

For now, Robert McNair is the boss of the team and the team`s market value has reached 1.2 billion dollars.