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Guidance Series 7 missed by 2points

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Aug 29, 2015 4:40 pm

Hello everyone, first time poster. 

I'm currently 23yrs old finishing my Bachelors in Business and working on getting my securities licenses. Particularly the Series 7 & 63. 

I took the Series 7 Wednesday the 26th and missed it by two points, 70%. I had studied for about 2 months with the  Kaplan material, used their Qbank and their 9th edition exam manual. I had no idea that they had a new 10th edition with updated material at the time. The 9th edition was given to me by my firm. 

While taking the exam I came across some things that I had not seen in my study material. A lot of ETN's and ETF's were on the test. I was not intimidated by the exam at all, I will admit it had some tough parts in the middle of the second half and a lot of question where two of the answers could have been right. 

I called Kaplan after learning that there is a new edition and even though she couldn't tell me what all they updated she sent me the updated list. There is a lot of updates, and to my luck ETN and ETF's have a NEW complete section in Investment Company Products. 

I ordered the complete 10th edition package including the OnDemand classes. My question is do you think the updates are what hurt me the most. I put a lot of time into studying and I felt really confident. I know my stuff, there was just a few things that I didn't know. It's one thing to completely bomb the test, but 2 points, come on. 

Any information about the updates on the test or just shear knowledge on what to do that I haven't already. 

Thank you


Nov 23, 2015 10:54 pm

use training consultants. best place for series 7, series 24, series 65 & 66. I take them before my tests and have passed first time.