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Gordon Gekko Would Be Proud!

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May 16, 2008 12:54 am

I’ve been in this business since the early '90’s, and today, was the first time I came in contact with material inside information on a business. If I said the business name, you’d recognize it. It appears the business is in the process of being purchased or is selling a substantial portion of itself. 

  Share volume is up substantially over the last few days, with little uptick in price. Options are flat price-wise and volume-wise, so I figure word is only just now getting leaked. The shorts are going to get killed on this stock!   I'm not sure what stage the buy-out is in, but it will be interesting to watch from the sidelines. Yes, the sidelines. No funny stuff going on here, Mr./Ms. Regulator!    I found out about this because the business requested a service be performed (by a friend of mine), on some of their locations. This service is only performed for businesses being sold. My friend is unaware of the significance of this information and only mentioned it to me as it was unusual for this service to be performed on this type of business, as a general rule.   Sorry, I can't be more specific, but I'm sure you understand. Once the news breaks, I'll spill the beans. But I've got to tell ya, it's great knowing something worth millions that the Wall Street Journal doesn't yet know.