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Nov 3, 2006 1:09 am

After watching 5 minutes of the evening news tonight, I determined the outcome of the coming election: Republicans will retain a majority of both the House and Senate.

How did I do this? First, my opinion:

I believe the media has a decidedly "liberal" bias, mixing opinion with fact and/or not reporting any or all the facts. So, when the media started tonight's broadcast with a "special report" that electronic voting machines could be tampered with or hacked into, it suddenly hit me.

The media believes that the election is going to the Republicans; therefore, they are trying to discredit the method in which we vote. By doing so, the media hopes to discredit the outcome. (It's the old adage, "If I didn't win at this game, you must have cheated".)

When the Dems lose this election (and they will lose it big time, according to the media), they will allege instances of fraud, discrimination, and call into question our methods of voting, but will end with the "spin story" that this was a "moral victory" on their part.

Just giving y'all a heads-up on what's coming Tuesday. 

Nov 3, 2006 6:07 am

How about this:  The Republicans have leaked the story about electronic voting machine fraud, knowing full well everyone would blame the democrats.  Since the 'pubs will have to rig the election in order to win, everyone who would have thought that they should have lost will cry foul, but no one will believe them because they'll think that the dems were just crying wolf.  Did that make sense?  It wasn't really supposed to.

Did anyone see Lewis Black's "Red White and Screwed"?  This is how LB says we should pick the next president, and I think it should work for congressman too.  First, you take a monkey.  Blindfold the monkey and put it in front of a big map of the country.  Give the monkey a dart and let him throw it at the map.  Then you load the monkey on a plane and fly it over the state the dart hit.  Strap a parachute on the little guy and push him out of the plane.  When he lands, you let him walk around for a while and whose ever hand he grabs first gets to be President.

Well, since PETA won't let us toss monkeys out of planes we'll just have to work with what we've got...

Nov 3, 2006 12:23 pm

I hope the GOP will do away with the Alternative Min Tax.