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FYI-Cold Call Cowboy

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Jun 9, 2005 12:37 am

In the early '90's, when I was a wirehouse broker, there was a company which offered a "soup-to-nuts" contact program. It was pricey and I never used them, but I see they're developing quite a reputation for themselves. See the quote from a Better Business Bureau website and the link below:

"10. Business Alert - Cold Call Cowboy, now doing business as I Media Pro, is giving seminars in Indiana, supposedly training folks how to sell and market financial services. One Indianapolis financial advisor paid $15,000 to create a promotional kit. She did not receive the kit, and now the company is asking for another $4,000. Ninety-eight complaints have been filed against this company, and they have the Bureau’s lowest rating." pe=1

Has anyone else had any experience with this outfit?

Jun 9, 2005 12:45 am

That's Steve Anderson I think, the "Cold Call Cowboy".  I bout a tape from them years ago, and it was a waste of $20 or so. 

Isn't it so refreshing to see that he's moved up in the world?

Jun 9, 2005 12:46 am

TYPO: Bought

Jun 9, 2005 1:57 pm

I get calls from this company atleast once a month.  They put together CD business cards that actually look very nice.  And the guy that calls me is VERY good on a telephone…but I won’t buy from him.

Jun 13, 2005 6:57 pm


That's Steve Anderson I think, the "Cold Call Cowboy".  I bout a tape from them years ago, and it was a waste of $20 or so. 

Isn't it so refreshing to see that he's moved up in the world?


Steve Anderson was a flash in the pan success. Supposedly went from zero to over a million a year with two years of hard work strickly cold calling with preferreds. Then he suffered some sort of breakdown and was out of the biz. Came back with his video calling card and finally his latest creation. I know alot of guys who tried to duplicate his success and couldn't do it. They did well, but not Steve Anderson well. Later it was rumored that we were all missing a piece of the story.The rumor was that Anderson, a Mormon, had plugged his religion into his propecting campaign, and that it had played a major part in his success. Nothing wrong with that except that it would have been a usefull piece of information to have before paying for his tape. Of course, if true, had he disclosed it, no one would have bought the tape.

I've had a good experience with another industry consultant/supplier, Bill Good. Yet, Bill isn't beyond pulling a fast one now and then. About 15 years ago he was promoting rookie sensation Dodee Frost. Frost even made the cover of research magazine. Zero to $500,00 in two years using networking as her prospecting channel. Better yet, Frost spent 9 months of that time transitioning from the compliance dept of her firm to the brokerage side. So she could only work the brokerage side part time. I bought the tape and Dodee mentioned all the attorneys she was working with, the business owners, and the networking club that, to listen to the tape, was supposedly the source of all this business. There was a lot of good info on the tape, but not to take anything away from MZ Frost's work ethic, nothing that could explain zero to $500k in less than two years. Later, talking with another rep from Frost's area of the country I found out that she was married to a senior partner of one of Houston's(or was it Dallas?)largest law firms and that that was the real source of her referral business. I listened to the tape again and no mention of hubbies connections. Did she do it on her own? You be the judge!

On another note, good tapes to listen to, Rick Desoto, Bill Tennison, Lloyd Williams, Nadav Baum, and Harry Pappas. These guys built big businesses from the ground up, without being wired in. Lots of good stuff.

Sep 20, 2011 12:22 pm

I ordered 500 Multimedia Business Cards from The Creative Juice in July, 2011, and the next day, when I was headed to the UPS Store to overnight a check for $13,500, I saw some of the comments posted to the Internet.

I immediately called and spoke to the President of the company, Stephen W. Anderson.  After a 30 minute conversation, I was satisfied with his explanation and agreed to move forward.

He assured me that those events were well in the past and even went so far as to change my payment terms.  He said, "instead of sending me the full amount now, just send me half now, and we will do the other half on delivery".  That showed me something because I was ready to send them the entire amount of $13,500.

I was also told it would take 90 to 120 days for delivery of my product, but in 7 weeks, I received my entire order, and they are beautiful.

I've just seen the tip of the iceberg of what is about to happen to my business, and this has me so motivated and excited, I called Steve today and ordered another 500 more.  My business cards are getting rave reviews from clients and prospects alike.  They are an amazing marketing piece.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled I didn't take what I read on the Internet as gospel truth, or I would have missed out on the most powerful marketing program I've ever used in my 10 year career at LPL Financial.

I hate reading anonymous internet postings where anyone can say anything and never have to back it up.  That's BS. So here is my name and my number if you would like to speak with me personally.   Eric Kearney  Cell (607) 343-7526.

Stephen W. Anderson and The Creative Juice came through for me by delivering an amazing product.  I feel I owe it to him to return the favor and post this message to share my experience with others.

Sep 20, 2011 3:46 pm

You're so full of crap.