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Frustrated at new firm

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Dec 1, 2016 1:12 am

I was at ML for 5 years and left and went to WFA. I have been at WFA for 15 months now and this has been my situation thus far: I was conflicted at the time, wasnt getting love from management (@ML), I was the top guy at my LOS. I was promised 'everything will be the same' at WFA for myself and more importantly for my clients. This turned out to be the farthest thing from the truth. Once I said yes and came over, it was basically me just to fend for myself.

My office was a complete disaster. My assitant was not registered, she had been working with the same advisor for 25 years only selling bonds and CD's. My book was 75% fee based and I was the FIRST advisory account opened. She had sent paperwork 8-9-10 times to clients. Sometimes without instrucational letters/requests of information. She was totally clueless on just about everything. Meanwhile, i complained to my manager who had basically retired early for the day i started to fully retiring 9 months later. Literally out of state 90% of that time.

The firm fees horribly disorganzied after coming from ML. To summarize- ML is like Apple and WFA is like Nokia in 2016. I was promised (in writing) to have 'the same' for clients on several things, but the most importantly (and subsequently has cost me to lose over $15mm AUM) was the broken promises on the LMA/PCL/Collateralized accounts. My clients at ML had rates as low as 1.95% on their LMA accounts, WFA sees the statements, sees my name on them, and offers the same clients rates of 4.25%. And after months of trying to get it done, I have basically been told to give up on it. I left ML doing $400k+ of revenue and now my trailing 12 months will barely break 200k.

With the recent Wells Fargo 'black eye' i have lost 2 clients and a lot of my clients have been asking about it reguarly. Not to mention the prospective clients that have basically all but said 'dont call me anymore' due to this.

Also, the technology is so bad, it feels like im working in a 1999 verision of AOL. And if you have a problem with the technology, you get tossed around between 3-5 departments looking for an answer with literally no accountability. I usually call back 2-3 times to get the correct answer. This also goes for any other situation.

I was promised an opportunity to team, to support me and help me grow my business at WFA and it literally couldnt be farther from the truth.

Has anyone been in this sitation? Any advice or direction from here? Everyone i ask in my office is 60+ and stuck in the old school broker mentality and thinks things are great. I am really struggling to find a way to make this work.

Thank you for listening to my rant.