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Financing Options

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Nov 22, 2018 10:33 am

Financing is borrowing money with a promise to repay it with some additional fee in the form of interest over a period of time. Financing activities involve long-term liabilities, stockholders' equity (or promoters’ equity), and changes to short-term borrowings.


We have tied up with some of the best housing finance companies. These tie-ups enable you to avail of competitive rates and pre-approved property financing. Some of the services offered are- Loan against Property, Lease Rental Discounting and Home Loan.

Loan Against Property (LAP):

A LAP is a loan offered against an existing residential or commercial property. The loan is given as a certain percentage of the property's market value-- usually around 50% to 65% per cent. A LAP can get you a higher loan amount for a lesser EMI rate.

Lease Rental Discounting (LRD):

These are term loans offered against rental receipts derived from lease contracts with corporate tenants and the underlying property value. Here, the rent is considered a fixed income over a stipulated time frame and major terms of repayment is the rent which is directly deposited to the lender.

Home Loan:

A loan to purchase a house either for under construction or resale property. We can also assist you in acquiring loans for purchase of commercial property.FINANCING OPTIONS FOR BUSINESSES

Cash flow is one of the main concerns of most small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and is often cited as a top reason for business success or failure. Here are some forms of financing for different types of businesses:

Promoter Funding:

Karvy Private Wealth can assist promoters in meeting their diverse liquidity requirements when it comes to expansion of business interests. Security cover for promoter funding is usually decided on a case to case basis with a tenure ranging between 2 to 3 years.

Loan against Shares and Securities:

Karvy Private Wealth can assist you in raising liquidity against a wide range of securities without selling them. The ownership of the securities remains with you at all times. The usual tenure of this loan is 1 to 36 months with yearly renewable options.