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Family move, may have to leave Jones

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May 21, 2014 3:42 pm

Here is my story in the short version, and my concerns.

My family may need to move.  Bottom line is we want to be closer to our families.  With 2 kids we find that to be more important than any job.  I started with Edward Jones in August, and have been doing well.  I talked to the Regional Leader in the area we are going to move back to, and really the best thing he can offer me is a new target location.  Basically I will be starting from scratch all over again.  Here are my biggest concerns:

I want to continue to use my 7 and 66 liscenses.  I enjoy this job, but dont want to do the door knocking all over again.  In the contract I know there is a 75000 training cost that they can try to recover.  If I have to take another job with another firm I will, but that scares me because of the 75G hanging over my head.  Any advice would be good.  I know some in the past on here have said they fight the training costs but I just don't know how successful those are or have been.  Any advice, or knowledge of what might happen in my situation would be helpful.  Thanks!

Jun 2, 2014 8:28 pm

Forget about the 75G, if you leave they won’t chase you.
Second, when you say you don’t want to door knock again, that raises a red flag. You are starting over, so you will need to either doorknock, cold call or figure out some other way to find clients.