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EJ Beneficiary payments

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Apr 2, 2012 4:38 pm

Does E.J. have a set standard for paying out funds to beneficiaries?

I have contacted 3 different reps, and received 3 different answers...

rep No.1 (that holds the account currently)  "you have to open an account with me in order to receive your funds"

rep No.2 "If it were our account, we would cut you a check and you could come by and pick it up, or we would mail it to you.

rep No.3 "you could open an account with us and we would transfer the funds, then pay you.

No.1 sounds like the rep is trying not to lose a large account, and is trying to use the beneficiary's lack of knowledge, in order to keep the money with them.

N0.2 seems like an honest response.

N0.3 sounds like a rep is trying to fish for a new account.