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Door Knocking Sucks

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Nov 15, 2007 5:19 pm

For Jones people:

  I decided that while the weather was nice I would go door Knocking.. Mind you it's been months since I was door knocking.. Okay.. More like a year.. I have a few new trainees in the pipeline and I knew I should be able to relate with them so.. I went.. Wow, what a waste of my time. I gave it a good ole college try and the only good thing that came form it was that I am proud of myself for sticking to it for as long as I did.. But from here on out..  My only doorknocking is going to be with Businesses. Homeowners are asses.   Maybe I need to refresh my approach? What are the successful door knockers saying/doing.. What time is best? What line do you start with? I was just so humiliated.. I carried a smile but inside I was trying to not run back to my car and drive off.   Humbled- Miss J
Nov 15, 2007 6:04 pm

Hello my name is Max I have the EDJ office over on 1st and Main, so I like to get out and introduce myself around a bit and let folks know I’m over there.  Have you heard of EJ before?


Great here’s my card.  So how long have you been in the neighborhood?

Blah blah blah

How did I catch you at home, do you work from home?

blah,blah blah

Well it was nice meeting you, may I get your name I like to keep track of everyone I meet?  and the phone is 212-???

Then I start to turn and say,  By the way what type of investing are you doing now?

blah blah blah

So retirement/college savings/income is important to you?

Blah blah blah

I’ll be back through the area again maybe we will chat but if something comes up in the mean time give me a call or I will stay in touch with you.  bye

Nov 15, 2007 6:32 pm

I feel you Miss Jones...or excuse me, feel for you.  DK in 70-80 and early 90's wasn't a bad gig, but in today's world people are just vary wary of anyone coming to the door.  I'm still astonished of how rude people are today, whether at the door or in the communion line.  I used Max's lines perbatum when I was at it hard and heavy.  I actually liked with noone was home because I would leave a rate card and then followup with a call.  My last major day of dking was when I had someone yell through the screen door, "If you don't get off my damn porch, I'm going to shoot you".  I walked to my car and never "just doorknocked" again, I would occasionally use it as a quarterly contact.

My way to break through on a cold call today, which is 99% of my prospecting, is to ask if they still live at xxx street. Yes, well I spend Fridays out trying to meet new people and stoped by and you weren't home....................  
Nov 19, 2007 3:19 pm

I quit doorknocking when I had the cops called on me. I also almost got hit by a guy because my knocking woke up his 4 month old baby.

  door knocking is seriously tacky.