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Nov 16, 2014 2:19 am

I have been in a high conflict divorce since 2008.  At the time of separation, I was employed at Smith Barney, and had been for the entire duration of my marriage, as well as prior to marriage.  Our final property separation was finalized in 2011.  Now, I was just served with a new court Motion from my ex husband alleging that I "omitted" an asset during divorce, that being my "book of business".  As a W-2 employee of a corporation, it never occurred to me to list my clients as an asset.  I don't own my own practice. This seems ridiculous.  He is seeking 100% of the value of my "book of business" as a sanction for though it was a secret what my job is?  

My question to this community...have any of you been divorced while in this business.  If so, how did the court treat your "book of business" if you weren't an independent?  Was it even discussed?   

I realize that had I accepted any offers to transfer to another firm while I was still married, that bonus would be community property.  But I did not.  I transferred to Wells Fargo Advisors in 2012...four years after separation.  

Given the maliciousness of my ex and his attorney, I am dreading this.  Please advise.  I need to explain that it was not customary for people in our business as employees of other firms to list that as an asset.  Am I right?