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Dirty Harry (the broker)

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Dec 30, 2005 1:15 am

My neighbor was out with his dog last night around midnight. When suddenly, Caroline (the dog) suddenly took off toward my house, chasing a prowler out of my bushes. In fleeing the dog, the prowler ran into a 2-inch thick tree branch, knocking the branch right off the tree and (hopefully) leaving a nice mark on the prowler's chest. The prowler got away.

For the next few nights, I'll be a-huntin' prowlers. Between my 122 lb. mixed breed dog (aptly named BEAR) and my Smith & Wesson nickel plated .357 magnum with hollow-point bullets, I think we're gonna have some prowler stew in a few days.

Let's see, state law says that I can kill'em in my house (justifiable homicide) and if I kill'em outside of my house, to drag'em into my house before the cops show up. Hey, this law stuff is easy!