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Debate 3 Thread

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Oct 22, 2008 1:27 am

[quote=Provocative Put]


1. We had uh chance o’ catching / killing him at Tora Bora. Mistakes wuz made

2. Al-Qaeda iz still uh functional organazation. Every video or
recording released by him shows dat ya can attack dis here country an’
git away wiff it.

I have been message boarding for a dozen years and I know one thing.

People who write as if they are morons, are morons.  They write as
if they were a cartoon caricature because it’s not possible to say
they’re an idiot because they’ll simply say they were being cliever.

It’s not.


Did ya really gots internet access 12 years ago (in 1996)?
And what message boards existed back then? just like mammy.