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Jun 9, 2008 3:59 pm

  Poor Nancy finally got someone to protect her.
Jun 9, 2008 10:02 pm

Well, glad to see you (finally) have a conscience, Ferris,  unlike your cyberbully buddy, Bobby Hull.

  And my compliments to the new admins who don't allow that kind of thing here anymore.  Don't know whether it's a slow sales day or what but some of you get off on abusing and belittling others.   I wasn't about to let you cyberbullies get to me so that's why I hung around to get a point across...and because I had thought joedabrkr was kinda of cute and I liked bantering with him..but found him rather PATHETIC.  And I forgive him for his "shitty" comment on FW.  Even joedabrkr realized how bad bobbybully can be as well as a few others here who apparently didn't pass the kiss-up test on BH's website.   Anyway, it's sad that several children have committed suicide due to cyberbullying.   And Bobby Hull even tried to hunt me down and said he was interested in my website: hey, the domain name will expire and he's welcome to it and will save himself $5K!    He was bothered because I pointed out how unprofessional he was and how if his clients knew how he REALLY was, they'd cancel their accounts.  Ferris too bad you joined nasty forces with him as you did:  we had thought better of you.     Good work admins for keeping the site clean.   Of course, they may make me a troll for saying this, too but worth it.   Too bad other interesting characters also left the scene: whomitmayconcer was entertaining and should be forgiven for his strange, eccentric comments at times.   You can thank me, macca and ...that other person you loved to hate for helping to clean up this site.   Ferris and joedabrkr, glad you are now better behaved although joedabrkr was never, ever really mean spirited...he was just a facetious varmint.
Best Wishes Better Mannered Fellers.   Any more Venom boys for old times sake?...whatever floats your boat.. Have at it.  I'm not playing anymore.  No interest.
Jun 10, 2008 8:19 pm

So you obviously baited me and wanted me to post, you dirty rat.  You are not my interest in this site and I like the way you classify me just for using this site.  Judge not that you be judged:  highly suggest that you get some spirital enlightment. 

  I can't believe I actually liked you and thought you were an ok dude at one time.     Glad you were so concerned about "poor" Nancy.  Get some manners and grow up.    Live and Let Live.
Jun 10, 2008 10:42 pm