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Coolest / Strangest Jobs in the Financial Industry

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Nov 9, 2009 1:48 pm

It seems to me that the financial industry must have one of the largest ranges of different jobs available - and I have come across a number of interesting ones.

Recently I was at a meeting of RIA firms, and one firm in particular specializes in catering to the socially conscious affluent.  A lot of firms attempt this, but the level of the restrictions they place on the account is unheard of (at least to me at that time).  They even would go so far as labeling a company as either "Test on Animals for product" or "Test on Animals for Medical".  On their payroll, they employed two "Social Researchers."   It is their job to research each company and decide where they belong on this "Social Matrix."   When this was discussed, I suddenly thought back to all the crunchy hippy chicks from college.  The ones that would snub anything related to the financial industry would totally enjoy that job and make a pretty decent paycheck - at least better than the local record / hemp shop.