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CFP for me?

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May 16, 2007 3:39 am

[quote=Bobby Hull]

[quote=skeedaddy2]I think that professional

designations are better suited for those who are independent or belong to

small practice groups, like Board Certified doctors or small law firms. On

the other hand, if you are at a big firm like Merrill or UBS, it doesn’t seem

to add to the equation, in the client’s eyes anyway. Face it, a $2500 home

study course doesn’t compare with an army of Ivy League MBAs and PHds

at the home office (again in the client’s eyes). I have decided on the CIMA

designation because it’s more investment oriented. Also, I can put the

Wharton School of Business on my resume.    [/quote]

When you put Wharton, make sure you list the dates attended as “the

third through the 17’th of january.”


You’re a hater, Bobby Hull.

I think it’ll look rather spiffy on my wall.
May 16, 2007 5:28 am

[quote=Reggin][quote=Bobby Hull]

[quote=joedabrkr] [quote=Reggin] [quote=joedabrkr]
[quote=ezmoney]7 yr vet with a 100m in assets? That's hard to believe.[/quote]Agreed.[/quote]

See that's why you're not a success. It's much easier for you to think it
impossible and justify your own failure.

Contribute something to my original question or go away.[/quote]

I think of myself as successful.  There is no "failure" for me to justify.

There is no need to be hostile.  I merely was agreeing that I found it rather hard to believe that you were 7 years in and producing a million.  The fact that you are so defensive about it causes my BS meter to shoot up even more.

HE said he was north of $600,000. YOU are the one that decided that he was doing a million gross.


+1 for Bobby - The dude can read AND comprehend.


I stand corrected.  My bad.