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Bankruptcy proposal

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Mar 12, 2020 6:08 am


I’m a new member to this forum. Please suggest some solutions to get rid of unmanageable debts. Is the bankruptcy proposal a good choice? I was an IT professional a few years back. But due to a crisis, I lost my job. At that time I had around $20k credit card debt. To fulfill my daily needs, I had to take a loan and now, it’s all a mess. There is a total of around $50k debts to pay off. I have no idea of solving these issues. From the knowledge I have, I hope a bankruptcy proposal( is one of the best choices I can have.

I will be consulting one such service by the end of next week. Its a tough situation and my monthly payments are not enough to pay my creditors. Has anyone dealt with similar situations? Share your suggestions. I would like to get genuine suggestions from you guys.