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Bank Preferreds

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Oct 6, 2008 1:48 am

What would you guys be doing with any bank preferreds you have on your books?  I have been holding Barclay's, ING, and Deutsche Bank for awhile.

Deutsche Bank is the only one that really concerns me.  The problem is no one really knows who will fall.

They have obviously been beaten down pretty good, so I don't want to sell them outright.  I have been considering diversifying the preferred money out to banks like Wells Fargo, JPM, and US Banc Corp.  They might not be at as much of a discount, but if Europe can't figure out their problems, I don't want to take a BK on one of these preferreds.   Any thoughts?
Oct 6, 2008 2:05 am

Sell them all, put the money into a fund that invests in preferreds. Let the money managers figure out which ones to own.