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Attention Beverly Hills and Los Angeles managers industry members!

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Jul 5, 2010 9:31 pm

I need some recommendations from all you seasoned pros:

I am a young graduate from an ivy league school with 5-6 years of sales experience if you add up all of my internships, p/t jobs and full-time work.

I am looking for a firm near Beverly Hills with a good financial adviser training program, a firm that might be willing to work with someone who has a track record of success and a good deal of potential but not a whole lot of experience in the financial services industry.

Any ideas?

Jul 6, 2010 12:14 pm

If you are IVY LEAGUE, try Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Deutsche, or Barclays.  All of the other firms would hire you even if you graduated from a community college.   Not sure if Sanford Bernstein is out there but I heard they have a very good training program and pay well.  Barclays only hires 15 to 20 trainees a year, and if your lucky to get into Goldman well the world is your oyster.   It has been my experienc that companies like, Morgan Stanley, Merrill, UBS will just team you up with a senior partenr and use you for as long as they can, give you very slow growth potential and wait for you to quit so they can keep your assets.