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Griffin, Harden, Iguodala on roster

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Nov 10, 2012 2:06 am

Wholesale Cheap Jerseys The Americans rounded out its roster on Saturday. Griffin, Harden, Iguodala were added to the already powerful team because final three spots that available after a rash of injuries happened to four players who would have been on the team. Howard, Derrick Rose, Wade and Bosh were absent because of injuries. Now the 12 players are: Kobe Bryant, Wholesale Authentic Jerseys  Carmelo Anthony, Chandler, James, Kevin Loew, Westbrook, Deron Williams, Chris Paul and the above-mentioned three. Among them, James, Bryant, Anthony, Paul and Williams had participated in the 2008 Olympic Games, andDurant, Westbrook, Chandler, and Loew were members of Dream Team that had won World Basketball Championship two years ago. Even though a series of injuries in players, the Americans still have competitive players. This team is a powerful Olympic team, even better than the one that won gold four years ago.

When all the players were introduced in a news conference,$20 jerseys they all looks game-ready in in their white USA jerseys and white headbands.