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The Inside ETFs Podcast

The Inside ETFs Podcast: Dr. Joel Shulman on The Entrepreneur Factor in ETF Investing

ERShares' Dr. Joel Shulman discusses ETF investment options for the modern investor.


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ERShares has been running a range of award-winning investment solutions across SMAs, mutual funds and ETFs. Its founder, Dr. Joel Shulman, has contributed to the formation of a proprietary investment model and the Entrepreneur Factor.

In this episode, Douglas Yones, head of exchange traded products at the New York Stock Exchange, speaks with Dr. Joel Shulman, founder, CEO and CIO of ERShares, on ETF investment options for the modern investor.

Douglas and Joel discuss: 

  • Joel’s journey from entering the financial industry to launching two new ETFs;
  • The significance of the Entrepreneurial Factor;
  • How ERShares’ ETFs differ from other investment solutions; and
  • Opportunities within the current investment market (especially in light of high inflation).

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