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11 Investment Must Reads This Week

Non-traded alternative funds have raised nearly $17 billion so far in 2024, according to the latest data from Robert A. Stanger. Some hedge fund managers are looking to launch ETFs amid a boom in actively-managed funds, reports ETF Stream. These are among the investment must reads we found this week for financial advisors.

  1. Equity Raise Among Non-Traded Alts Totals $16.8 Billion Through February “Fundraising was led by non-traded business development companies at an estimated $5.2 billion and interval funds at $4.1 billion. Non-traded BDC monthly fundraising has exceeded $2 billion raised per month since September 2023 and is on pace to raise $30 billion dollars this year.” (The DI Wire)
  2. Hedge funds look to launch ETFs amid active boom “At first glance, the ETF vehicle might seem at odds with the typically aggressively managed and higher-risk hedge fund structure, but the growth of the active ETF market in Europe along with the wrapper’s liquidity benefits are pivoting hedge funds towards the structure.” (ETF Stream)
  3. Morgan Stanley Reaches $1B ETF Milestone “Morgan Stanley Investment Management, the asset management giant that released its first exchange-traded product in early 2023, surpassed $1 billion in assets under management in its ETF business with the conversion of two mutual funds on Monday. The new products started trading as the Eaton Vance Total Return Bond ETF (EVTR) and the Eaton Vance Short Duration Municipal Income ETF (EVSM), according to a press release. The asset manager now has 14 ETFs on its platform.” (
  4. Where to Invest In Bonds Now “What’s key for investors to remember is that ‘lower’ is all relative. Bond market strategists and fund managers generally agree that yields are still attractive, especially relative to inflation, and will likely stay higher than before the pandemic.” (Morningstar)
  5. Blackstone: A Major Beneficiary of the Boom in Alternative Assets “In total, it has stakes in 230 companies and around 12,500 real estate assets. While high interest rates and a significant slowing in IPOs and dealmaking have hurt many financial stocks, alternative asset managers are an exception, with a 45% gain in 2023, outpacing the S&P 500’s 24% increase. Blackstone climbed nearly 70%.” (FINSUM)
  6. BlackRock Creates Fund With Securitize, a Big Player in Real-World Asset Tokenization “The filing does not reveal what assets the fund will hold, but Securitize's presence potentially suggests the product has something to do with the tokenization of real-world assets, or RWA – industry jargon for representing ownership of a wide range of assets through a token on a blockchain.” (CoinDesk)
  7. NAV Loans in Private Funds: Considerations for Managers and Investors “While NAV financing arrangements are generally used in the later stages of the fund life cycle, the documentation and structuring concerns inherent in these transactions can be difficult to navigate if a fund manager has not given prior thought to using a NAV loan and planned accordingly.” (JD Supra)
  8. Big Companies on Path to DB Plan Termination: Aon “As corporate pensions' funded statuses improve, more large companies are looking to terminate their pensions and sell liabilities to an insurance company in a risk transfer deal, according to a new report from consultant Aon.” (FundFire)
  9. Here’s One Hint Big Investors Are Looking To Buy, Betting on Lower Rates “ElmTree Funds, Fortress Investment Group and Morgan Stanley are in various stages of launching the sale of stock in new real estate investment trusts not tied to the wider market and, in the case of Fortress and ElmTree, have already begun assembling portfolios of industrial property, including manufacturing centers. They would be the first nontraded REITs launched this year, according to CoStar data. There were eight last year.” (CoStar)
  10. Total Portfolio Approach: A New Way to Construct Asset Allocations “Performance of a fund using the TPA should be measured based on total return against fund goals, instead of benchmarks, according to a report by WTW’s Thinking Ahead Institute. Success opportunities for investment are defined by contribution to the total portfolio outcome, rather than particular asset classes. Diversification is principally done via risk factors, rather than asset classes.” (Chief Investment Officer)
  11. KKR Assembles Wealth Mgmt Who’s Who for Global Council “Council members include Sid Ahi, Brown Advisory's co-chief investment officer of private clients, endowments and foundations; Karim Cherif, head of alternatives in the chief investment office at UBS Wealth Management International; Bank of Singapore's Global Chief Investment Officer Jean Chia; and UBS Global Wealth Management's head of asset allocation in the Americas, Jason Draho, KKR said in a statement yesterday.” (FundFire)
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